BULLS - Riverforks Hired Gun

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Name: Hired Gun
D.O.B.: 7/05/2004
Horns: (T2T) 70 5/8" (11/22/10)
(T2T) 69 7/8" (12/27/09)
(T2T) 69 1/8" (04/24/09)
(T2T) 68 7/8"(11/24/08)

A.I. Certification: #661
Description: Hired Gun is the biggest horned grulla bull in the breed. He is also a double Show Case winner and his sons and daughters soon may be as well. He sires the wildest varierty of colors; grulla, tan, carmel, black and whites, red and whites and everything in between. His calves have great size and horn as well.

Check out Hired Gun's offspring on our web site as well as at Broken Wagon Cattle Co. and Pace Texas Longhorns. Additional owners of Hired Gun offspring include; Bob Loomis, Darlene Aldridge, Bob Miller, Jim Bothwell and many more.

:: Pedigree ::

    JR Hocus Pocus JR Flash (By Gunman)
JR Hope (By Gunman)
Riverfork's Hired Gun Gun Power
Rural Mist
JR Treasure Gunman
JR Royal Blessing
Jet Jockey
Bail Jumper
Better Yet
    Rural Gold Rural Delivery
Command Gold
Progeny: Offspring of Hired Gun