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Name: RR Honey Zwink
Price: SOLD - Thanks Tyler
D.O.B.: 04/26/2003
Horns: (58 5/8" T2T, 12-19-09)
(58" T2T, 12-12-08)

Description: Awesome horn direction and great colot stand out on this big bodied cow. Honey Zwink is a proven producer. She passes on her horn shape and body to make very desirable offspring. With greats like "The Shadow", "Zhivago" and "Not Gunna" in her pedigree, she's a can't miss.

:: Pedigree ::

    Not Gunna Gunner
Not Dot
RR Honey Zwink Gunna Zwink
Milk and Honey
Zwink Zhivago
Rogue De Swink
The Shadow
Good Friday
    US Classy Liz US Classic
Liz's Wander

2010 Service Sire: Hired Gun